Diego Rivera

Male, Situated Cognition


Your character believes that learning is an interaction between individuals (with goals and intentions) and the world (with the particular invitations to action that arise from the properties of things). For example, doors invite going in and out but only for individuals who have intentions to move from one room to another. Similarly, ponds invite swimming to cool off but only for people who can swim and who are hot from working. This interactionist perspective means learning is never solely in the head nor the result of the reinforcers in the world selecting our behaviors; rather, it arises from each unique situation as an interaction (dialectic) between learners and their environments. Your character is not a fan of one-size-fits-all instruction or testing and prefers that every analysis of learning acknowledge how each learner and learning situation creates a unique interaction that must be understood in context, preferably a rich realistic authentic real-world context.


Diego Rivera

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