Project Technologia

How to Create a Dynamic Character Sheet

We could create a dynamic character sheet for our characters, but it does require manipulating the HTML a little.

Starting a New Life on Remmler Array

>Remmler Array, Classified Dock K-VII, 2247CE<

A loud ringing in your ears awakens you as you slump forward.

There is little to be seen in the cold dark of the room aside from a small porthole adjacent to where you sit. Through it, you can make out several small pinpoints of light, stars embedded in the inky blackness of space. Massive, steel arms of a space station become visible as you move closer to the window, starlight reflecting off of the active solar panels. A few ships artfully dip in and out of a docking bay across the void much like honey bees returning home to a bustling hive.

As your eyes adjust to the dim lighting, three silhouettes come into view at slightly more than an arm’s length. The tallest of the three, a dark-skinned man with graying hair, approaches you. Somewhat puzzled, he moves his right hand to the edge of his worn leather belt.

Reluctantly, the other figures move forward into the light. A squat, chubby man with a pale complexion and thin, white hair, cautiously raises his arm, signaling you to stand. A woman, sidling her tall, angular frame around the round bodied man next to her, nods with a frown on her face.

The dark-skinned man looks to you and speaks:

“Who are you? This area of the station is classified—what’s your business here?”

Prompt: Respond to the strangers’ request concerning who you are.

Mission Assist: Your response should include initial thoughts about the mission at hand, your assigned worldview, and the primary goal for coming to the space station. While it’s probably prudent to present your avatar as a professional colleague (e.g., a new consultant meeting administrators for the first time), you’ll still want to consider whether s/he will be happy or melancholy, funny or stern, light-hearted or grim, etc. Keep in mind that while you can’t control other characters or the environment, you can build off of what others have written (i.e., responding to what their characters say/do).

Remember: this should be written from the third-person point of view (e.g., After pausing for a moment, Bernie stretches out his hand and says, “Hello!”), NOT the first-person point of view (e.g., I’m Bernie—nice to meet you).

Example Response: Bernie stretches out his hand and says a cheerie, “Howdy! I’ve been sent to help you with your use of technology in support of learning. I’m a pretty direct guy with training in Behaviorism. Let me just say I will find it rewarding to help you craft incentives that support learning and reinforce the behaviors that lead to good citizenship here.”


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